monday afternoon

sometimes i just don’t know what’s it all about
sometimes i just don’t care
other times i wonder deeply who it is i’m looking for
sometimes i wonder deeply who i really am
thoughts of nothing echo in my mind
i’ve said it before
i’ve done nothing like it yet
curiosity catches my thoughts
what is there to think about
when i sit here wondering
do nothing, be nothing, know nothing
feel nothing – i’m possibly

wrongs commited will never be righted
writes i’ve written will never be wronged
sights i’ve seen flash before me as i close my eyes
i love the memories
but when i get lost in times long past, i lose out on now
i’m losing out on the present
and the future is brilliantly dim
my lost current is silently killing me to death
the past was such fun times – the future is unknown
the confidence i once had is lost to whatever i’m longing for
it will never be the same and i honestly don’t want it to be.

i’ve found my realm, but i can’t live there
i’ve found my home, but there’s no future
wandering this world with no direction
aimlessly meandering
sounds fun – but i’m not moving

1 thought on “monday afternoon

  1. i really like this one – this is my fave out of all your poems…except maybe for Shades of Grey 🙂

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