been awhile…

ya’ll’s probably irked at the lack of blorgin i’ve been doin lately, and for that i apologize – believe it or not, i’ve actually been kinda busy! what’s up with that?

NEway, we played a pretty decent game tonight. won 20-0. i don’t know my exact stats yet, but i did get in the endzone twice. woo hoo! i did get quite a few carries, so hopefully, i got a plethora of yards to go along with em.


also, that skool thing – i’m in! i got my knives n books today at the orientation thing this morning. got my schedule and i’m already gonna drop a class! ha! actually, cuz it’s a lecture class – and we can do them online if the right things are taken care of previous to today. so i’ll take that class next quarter so’s i don’t gotta drive out there as oftener. but all the chefs seem pretty cool. and it should make for interesting times!


ok, so maybe that don’t seem like a lot goin on, but i really havn’t been round much. i’m takin care of some misc type things and runnin round doin this and that. i been liftin and runnin with the hs in the mornings and things are goin good. all in all, life is good – i’m playin football, i’m having fun… there’s only one thing i’m kinda down on, but we’re not gonna ruin a good post on bad stuffs (maybe some other time, but ‘not yet… not yet’)

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  1. "Knives & books." Kind of sounds funny in the same sentence – sort of devious even. Like the Bookworm on Batman or something.
    Congrats on the game.

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