i’ve been a part of a couple different companies/organizations in my short ‘professional’ career. all varying in capacity and importance. old and established – fresh and new – growing and emerging companies/organizations. what is it about ‘professionalism’ that is so important? what is it about wearing a suit and tie that makes that guy ‘bigger and/or better’? why get all fancied up for an interview?

i had a point when i started this, then i lost it – but basically, i don’t think wearing slacks and a polo or a shirt and tie makes any difference compared to a t-shirt and jeans. why not put workers in a comfort level that will allow them to work to their maximum capacity – isn’t that what you want anyway?

maybe some will add that the comfortable clothes for some may be sweats or shorts. i say, yeah. i’m really beginning to hate this ‘society’ that’s been ‘established’. that last sentence doesn’t really fit with the first two of this paragraph, nor does this one for that matter, except to explain the third sentence. either way, i think that’s the point i’m twisting this post into – stuff doesn’t matter to me the way it does to a great deal of people.

it’s time to go be productive, somewhat

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