back from vegas

and i didn’t lose my @$$! so i’d say it’s a successful trip, right!? of course!

the trip was a lot of fun. this was the first time katie and i got to just do whatever we wanted – no set agenda – nothing we HAD to do. twas good times.

we got to go see the hoover dam – very cool. and went west of vegas to see the red rock canyons – most excellent. we gambled a little bit (i even won some moneys!) and we ate a ton! (damn those buffets!) we also did a lot more touristy things – went to the top of the ‘eiffel tower’ and stratisphere hotel towers, the sigfried and roy zoo thingy at the mirage, the iMAX theater at the luxor… had dinner with my cousin and his girlfriend at the ‘pink taco’ at the hard rock casino (good food) and of course, we got to sleep in like fiends… a very fun trip.

now we’re back – back to the grind, katie’s got one more week til finals… then maybe she’ll be able to catch her breath for a little bit and enjoy the holidays…

oh, and by the way…. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and my God bless each and every one of you.