merry new year

well, i started typing this up a couple days ago but forgot to finish it, then i closed my browser (iow, i lost it). so here’s attempt number two:

hope all ya’s had a great holiday season. katie and i spent our new years with my sister and neighbor and his girlfriend at a party. the party was interesting – but the celebration, the same. (countdown, noise, kiss). i like the last part the best. woo hoo for 2006! hey, i’m gettin married this year!

i also stumbled upon a wonderful lil tool that i might like a ton more once i get to really play with it. Xara Xtreme is a wonderfully powerful photo-editor. things like this make me wish i’d taken more graphic design classes in kollege. oh well. there’s always online courses and the like!

oh, and many of you might not know i’m going to florida this year for another shot at the detroit seminoles and a semi-pro national championship. and if you watched the orange bowl last tuesday, you saw where i’ll be playing (that’s right, orange bowl stadium in miami! pretty cool, eh?)

speaking of national championships… Texas vs USC… what a game! the first college game i’ve actually gotten to watch the majority of (missed the 2nd quarter) this year and one for the books foskittles!

now, it’s going to be interesting to see what the packers do THIS offseason, since they didn’t do anything last year. and letting sherman go might be the thing that drives favre into retirement. i for one would like to see him stick around for another couple years, cuz he’s still got the skills. he came in this season in probably the best shape of his life and had he not run into almost every one of his offensive skill players getting hurt, well, you just never know – but i’d be willing to bet it wouldn’t be 4-12.

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  1. What’s up T. How did you do in Miami? I was sad to see we lost, but happy to see we played a close game against a great team. Good luck next year. I start our season in Colorado Springs on March 11th. I’m excited. It will not be the same as playing along side you though.

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