what happened to January

do you realize that january is almost over? dude, what happened to it? i’m pretty sure it was just a couple days ago when we did that whole new years thing, wasn’t it? (apparently not). i had promised to myself that i was gonna do more regular posting this year – but when it flies by in the blink of an eye (that rhymes, tee hee hee), well, you get what i’m sayin, don’tcha? yeah, so i’m not off to that good a start with the whole regular posting thing… but seriously, what happened to january?

well, for those who don’t know, we didn’t win the national championship down in miami. playin in the orange bowl stadium was flippin awesome! we had some issues controling the LOS on offense and a couple turnovers turned out quite costly (aren’t they all, though, aren’t they all).

this weekend katie and i are going to spend a sunday afternoon with Lindsey/Douglas/(Tommy?) and Korin/Chris. the Vermillionites are in the area and we’re killin birds with a single stone here. should be a good time – right? Korin? Lindsey? Douglas? Chris (if you ever read this)? we’re still on right??

i also scored tickets to Twins Fest this weekend, so my dad and i are gonna go play around at the metrodome saturday afternoon. I haven’t been there for a LOOOOOOONG time, like pre-highschool. I was mostly interested in the HUGE card show on the floor back then. this year, i’m kinda curious as to what else happens there – in addition the the card show šŸ˜‰

next weekend, da Super Bowl!!! it should be a fun game to watch – hopefully it is anyway. i’ll be kickin it old skool with a couple buddies from the Thunderbirds squad. should be fun times.

i think i had something else to state here… but i guess it’ll have to wait until next time.

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