P90X: Day 3 – Shoulders & Arms

it was a little tough rolling out of bed this morning, but Cocoa (who’s still with us and is doing great!) provided the pre-alarm wake up call. the arms are still achy and probably will be more so after today. i think i need to make another purchase (unless i’m able to use the brother-in-law’s dumbbell set) as the only dumbbells we have are 8lbs which for a lot of today’s exercises was not enough for me. for the fit test, i crudely turned them into 18lb dumbbells by taping some additional weights to the ends, but that wasn’t going to last through a real workout. so i did a lot of reps with the 8lb dumbbells and i’ll figure out the weight issue later. still felt plenty of burn throughout the workout. and tomorrow a nice relaxing yoga workout, HA!