P90X – Day 2: Plyometrics

it’s been a long time since i’ve felt the incredible soreness of the muscles post-workout. on the way home last night, the arms started to ache a lil and when i finally collapsed into bed last night, i noticed the abs were ouchy – what a wonderful feeling!

this morning, the plyometric workout was all up ons! is sad to admit, but i needed a drink after the warmup (we’ll blame that on the lack of water i drank while sleeping). i’m pretty sure i’ve struggled through this workout before in the past – but i don’t remember how i did. this workout is crazy. i did keep up with most of the exercises – maybe not as deep or as vibrant, but i kept moving. i don’t have a heart rate monitor, but i think i’ll need to get one (anyone know where i can get one on the cheap?) to really keep myself in the ‘target zone’. will be interesting to see how the calves and legs feel tomorrow (and how much more sore the arms feel as i usually don’t feel the aches at the peak for a day or two). hmmmm, i didn’t even check to see what excitement is in store for me tomorrow… ahh, the beauty of a predefined workout and not looking ahead (sometimes).

oh, hey, does anyone else feel weird when one of the other folks working out with Tony share your name? there’s an Eric is in the plyo workout and i think i answered Tony every time he spoke to the P90X Eric. ha ha