P90X – Day 1: Chest & Back

So i decided to finally get back into things and this time i’m going back to p90x from beachbody. i must admit i’ve been quite lax lately with workouts and it’s really starting to bug the hell out of me. a couple weeks ago, i purchased the pull up bar – with the intention of starting the program. a work trip and extended weekend later, it’s on like donkey kong! now, the first thing i did was the fit test – i did that last night, so there’s the first excuse, however, i’m not going to use it as such. i’d rather not post the results of that test, because they were pathetic (will post with the awesome results later, so to be continued!). i’m truly embarrassed by the weak@$$sauce that i was throwing around. so the embarrassment continued this morning when i started the program with the Chest & Back workout. HOWEVER, it’s the starting point. the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – i have now taken that first step and will continue to take steps, sometimes they’ll be baby steps, others will be giant leaps. tomorrow, Plyometrics. for now, it’s time for my snack!