P90X: Day 4 – Yoga X

today’s post is much later in the day today… the early AM workout was not in the cards. i was reading my body and it was telling me to get some more sleep, so i did. found the time to get the P90X Yoga video when the in-laws came over and j went down for a nap… now, i’ve done the yoga video before and i’ve struggled, but i must be a lot further down the ‘not-in-shape’ path than i thought, cuz this kicked my butt! this is the first time i’m really doing the P90X program as designed – before i had just popped in a video randomly to get some auxiliary/supplemental workouts in when i didn’t feel like heading to the HS or what not. so it could also be a combination of the lead-in workouts that assisted in the less-than-spectacular performance at times.

i will say this, child’s pose and dead corpse poses sure were wonderful at the end of this workout! 🙂