P90X: Day 15 – Chest & Back

you might’ve noticed that it’s been a couple days since a p90x post… this is because on saturday (supposed to be day 13 and Kenpo X), i did Warrior Dash. it was super fun times, very dirty, i got way too much sun (paying for that today) and i’m still recovering to some degree today! my time on the 3.02 mile course (up hill most of the way it felt), was 43:42.05 which was good enough for 3,529th place on the day and 562nd in my age/gender group. photos haven’t been posted on the website, yet – but i think i made Team Slobbermonkey proud! if anyone has a chance to do it, i would jump at that in a heartbeat, it’s a blast! with that being said, i took yesterday and utilized the rest day, even though X Stretch probably would’ve been a good idea, not moving seemed like just as good an idea (actually better)!

today was back to the nitty gritty of P90X and round 3 of Chest & Back. the weight was down this morning about 3 lbs (that’s 10% of what i was hoping to lose). every one of the exercises is going up – all pull up variations are increasing about 1 rep every week, all push up variations 2-5 reps. it’s pretty cool to see the progress and in two weeks we start another phase, which will be wonderfully taxing in a whole new way. not really looking forward to tomorrow’s workout, hopefully the legs will be back a little bit more – still wiped from WD.