P90X: Day 12 – Legs & Back

pushed play again this morning! outside of the work related trip (and subsequent recovery from said trip), i haven’t missed a day of workouts. still struggling with the eating part – primarily portion sizes and snacks – but i think i’m making progress. my knee is still quite buggy, so i am not able to get down on lunges as far as i probably should. but when i hear the clicking when i do lunge, i have a tendency to adjust. the left leg feels good, so i’m able to go deeper. and there are a lot of lunges in this workout. still struggling with the pull ups, however, my numbers are increasing – not the 15-20 range that they’re doin on the videos – but progress is being made. imagine the leaps i would make when i really start to focus on the diet and actually shed some of this ‘baby fat’ (that’s the weight i gained from the the two pregnancies that i still haven’t lost yet).

Warrior Dash tomorrow, but not until Kenpo X is done – i should’ve started P90X a lot sooner as a preparation for WD… oh well, i’ve always been good at procrastination, why stop now?