not football related entry…

it has come to my attention that some people don’t like reading new stuffs only once or twice a week regarding only football, to those people i say ‘wha??’ but for them peeps, a thought, somewhat random, by lil ol me…

twas listening to the song, ‘not today’ by bari koral band. and the line you think you can choose who you love, but you can’t made eric stop and think bout that one. does love just ‘happen’? can we not control when it hits us in the face like a brick wall shathouse? is that something we can just turn on or off? or is it something we can command – tell myself ‘hey, i love that girl’ and then actually, deep down, really, fully do? of course, i think we can fool ourselves into thinkin that we do love someone. (been there done that) and maybe there’s a point where we really do – only to have the feeling crushed by the events of one’s lifetime and the emptiness embodied causes a deeper longing for something full of that real meaning, that real feeling, that real heartfelt, raw emotion. course, there’s a reason for everything – every broked promise, every crushed heart, every joyful afternoon in the sun with friends. next time i get so deep i’ll remind you to bring a shovel 😉

for those who’ve never heard bari koral – she’s good. i sawd her a couple times at USD – they’ve brought a couple good stuffs into charlies on thursday nights (i miss that fo sho!) for them’s still there, go – but only if you like music.

on a side note, for them in the area – the game this week is in rochester – soldier field @ 7pm – should be a good game, they’re undefeated and we should be.

1 thought on “not football related entry…

  1. Yay! Something other than football! 🙂 I think I went to a bari koral show. She was good. unique.

    And I definitely think that love just "happens." I know that it hit me upside the head pretty hard a few years ago! I also have fooled myself to think I was in love, but definitely was wrong (thank God).

    PS…I tried to give you double-karma, but it wouldn’t let me. 🙁

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