how’s this for two posts that only sorta have to do with football in a row! NEway, twas doin some of that thinkin in regard to what i’m gonna do in the not so distant future… all i know now is i want to play football – and that’s definately in the mix. but if i get the chance to go to europe, it won’t be until next spring time, so what do i do until then?

well, i guess i gotta find somethin to bring in some moneys eventually, and things aren’t lookin the greatest on the job front, so i might just have to bust a something, a ‘whatever’ kind of something, just for now. and i’ve got the football thing goin on this summer so i’m pretty much restricted to the twin cities area or anywhere closer to alexandria. which isn’t all that bad. so then after football this summer (next fall time) then what? well, if i’m still around, i’m playin touch football again – hopefully on a couple different teams and i’m also thinkin bout helpin coach the hs football team here. i’ve also given serious thought to goin to culinary school. maybe i’ve been watchin too much of the food network (emeril and iron chef rock!) but there’s always been somethin there that i’d like to play with and learn more about. and i figured ‘go this fall and continue over in europe when i go to play football. (basically i just wanna wear one of those tall hats and look like a white kid in play) so them thoughts been lingerin in my head.

my sister just emailed me today bout an opportunity she thought i might wanna give thought. she’s got an internship out in colorado this summer at a strength and conditioning center out there. they are looking to start an fca group out there. my sister thought i would be an excellent person to help get that going and to run the meetings. it sounds great,k but i’m playin football here now. after? maybe – but then no touch football here. but that might be better in the long run (i could also train out there at the facility)….

ok so this is somewhat random, but someone told me to write down options and they’re easier to see and to make a decision on said options… well, here’s me ‘writing’ them down…

5 thoughts on “future

  1. I don’t know what an FCA group is: Full of Crap Association? RE: Careers – There’s always porn. People can’t get enough. You canNOT go wrong in the field of medicine, Dr. T. Scalpal instead of chef’s cleaver? How about something with geriatrics; old farts. Babyboomers (your parents) are getting old(er) and there’s not enough Y generation (you’s) to take care of ’em. Endless jobs.
    If you like the porn idea, you can blend the two careers. You could be a gynocologist (why do guys go into that field?) or you can be an xray tech & do mammograms. Get creative and think of your own porn field of medicine. Your helping people get better and being a pig, too!
    Go Mustangs!

  2. That FCA opportunity sounds quite interesting! You have a lot of options, it sounds like…. Which is good.

  3. FCA – Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Way better than what I thought it stood for! Possible opportunity in the mix? When’s football over? Just member; what you do today affects all of your tomorrows. I still like the medical field. Think of all the nurse babes, endless job options, most-excellent wages and bennies. (Why think of the patients – until you are one?) So why don’t I go that route myself if it’s such a hot commodity? I dunno. Maybe I just talked myself into something.

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