back to football

like you didn’t know this was gonna be a weekly thing…

game four under our belts and let’s just say it wasn’t our best showing and we ended up giving it away. we lost 20-13 to a decent, but very beatable team. we didn’t play to our potential and gave up some big plays – actually all three of their touchdowns came as a result of big breakdowns on our part. two big passes and one kickoff return for a touchdown. we were driving on them pretty much the whole game but something stalled our momentum. this game should’ve been ours.

once again i had a pretty decent game. 19 carries for 135 yds and a TD. it’s really baffling how we can have some good output and still not make some more noise in the endzone. kinda disappointing, but then again, there’s next week to take out some frustration…

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