woo hoo! win #2

yey! we got out second win of the season yesterday against the defending champions. it was many fun times. we beat the chippewa valley (wi) preditors 35-6. and it was most excellent to see both sides of the ball dominating. the defense was beefed up a lil bit by some additions we didn’t have last week (mainly two dlinemen) which meant i didn’t have to play defense. but that doesn’t mean i’m not gonna venture over there for fun sometime in the future 😉 the offense was clicking from start to well, almost finish. but we came out first drive and did whatever we wanted. we looked awefully good. for those keeping track of lil ol me (and i’m not sure why you’d be reading this if you weren’t to some degree) i scored two td’s, and i probably had close to if not over 100 yds. – i’m workin on gettin the final stats and i’ll get them posted on my football page. so you might wanna say i had a pretty decent game. it was very fun. a little warm (i think it was 85-90 degrees during the game), but that’s ok, it was still a blast! next week we play a suprisingly undefeated team in rochester,mn. should be a good game – gooder for us if we play like we did this week. for them’s in the area, i hope to see ya’ll there on saturday! piece!

3 thoughts on “woo hoo! win #2

  1. Most excellent! Congrats on the 2 td’s (much better ‘n v.d.) & the 100+ yards! It’s a good thing.

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