next week, i’ll have an excuse

at least i’ll have an excuse as to why i won’t be posting on my own blog… i’ll be WOdW (without da’ web). it’s that time of year where i go after bambi. the wisconsin deer opener is tomorrow! wheeeeeeee!

1 thought on “next week, i’ll have an excuse

  1. You weren’t RAISED to kill Bambi…those big beautiful brown eyes!!!! Shame Shame Shame!!! And speaking of SHAME…where the heck have you been? I hear you spent moooola on a nice rock..and didn’t give it to Me??? ummmmmmm! Congratulations favorite son!!! Come visit me sometime – I work at Kok Funeral home now – in St. Paul Park from 9:30am to 1:30pm….usually boring unless we have bodies there…then it’s not too boring…hahaha Hope you are well! Love you, Mom Shellum

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