the sum of the parts

it’s been over a month since i’ve last added words of wit to this online wonderland… keeping you all in such suspense is not fair, but such is life sometimes. actually, i really havn’t been all that busy, but at the same time, i have been. i believe this warrants further explanation, hence this further explanation:

i’ve got a lot of things going on, from work to play and everything in between. but only a few are major things. most of them are smaller projects that aren’t of super importance, but yet will consume some time and energy. and when i think of what needs to be done, it usually comes in awkward clusters of semi-random thought fragments. “i need to get this webpage finished – do we have jelly in the fridge? – laundry night for sure tonight – i havn’t played my guitar in a while – i can’t forget that webpage – or getting started with that other site – what am i going to do for lunch tomorrow – i havn’t heard from steve in a while – i should post something to my blog, i havn’t read my friend’s blogs in a while, i wonder what’s going on with all of thems – i should get to sleep early tonight – and there’s still that website…” after a while of this, i get overwhelmed and frustrated that there’s not enough time in the day.

and then i get an awesome email from a good friend about being “too” (too nice, too kind, too honest, etc). and i’m amazed at how someone can really put thoughts together in such a logical fashion. in wonder i head off to my site and try to formulate a thought or two and try to stay on task. damn this short attention span! focus. where was i?

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  1. You are a weird cookie "speaking of cookies I should get some, but i have to finish this post, but after that I will get a cookie" you just need to relax and take things one thing at a time. Oh and yes there is Jelly in the fridge

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