interesting… and this on a football site

in minnesota there are a few semi-pro leages (two that i know of and that i play for) – and there is a minnesota semi-pro website. i, of course, check it out occasionally and frequently check out the guestbook. usually it’s football ‘shop talk’ and other fun stuffs (people bickering back and forth and talking the smack everyone loves to hear ). however as of late, the guestbook has taken on a different tone…. kind of interesting. check it out here. talking about religious views and government – at times it’s almost like i’m back in hs sitting in on a american government vs religion debate or something… but it’s educational and interesting to hear people go back and forth.

btw, the guestbook is last entry posted first – so to read it in order, go to the bottom (and maybe to the next page of guestbook entries) and the beginning of the discussion was post 2597 – Posted September 1, 2003 9:54PM (there’s a couple other entries not related to the convo i’m talking about in the middle there. i suggest checking it out…