gotta love it!

5 nights… not one, or two… or even three, but 5 nights of football every week! can life get any better?

so as it turns out, i get to play or coach football 5 nights a week – and actually more if you count the coaching of the practices. this is awesome! football football football… even when i come home, i play ncaa 2004 on the ps2 (more football). woo hoo!

tuesday nights: 7on7 touch – kenny’s team*
wednesday nights: 7on7 touch – my team (the slobbermonkeys)
thursday nights: 7on7 touch – kenny’s team*
frid nights: the high skool – coaching
saturday: semi-pro – the maulers
sunday: NFL – watchin my fantasy football dudes score me many points

*side note: kenny’s team is the team that won the state championship last fall plus a few additions. a good team to say the least.

i’ll have to keep record of the records… as of right now:

tues 7on7: 1-0
wed 7on7: 0-1
thurs 7on7: 0-0
frid HS: 0-1
sat semi: 5-0
sun ffl: 0-0, 0-0

are we having fun yet?

1 thought on “gotta love it!

  1. Geez…..just think if you had my talented self on your wednesday night 7-on-7 league. You would have so much fun, just because I’m there.

    Come on…..admit it. You miss me already.

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