another fall, another team

it’s starting, the fields are concrete hard, the weather hot and muggy, the sweat’s flowing… it must be the fall and the start of FOOTBALL SEASON! i love this time. water has never tasted so good out of a hose, goofy tanlines from the pants/pads, the burning desire to make something of yourself and your team.

of course, the addition of a 7on7 touch team isn’t as time consuming as highschool, college, or semi-pro team – but i thought i’d mention it, cuz it’s fun and another way to get into the game. i’ve put together a lil something something of a team for a recreational league out of bloomington, MN. i played in the league last fall (along with two other 7on7 touch teams) – it’s fun and i think i’ve become a better football player as a result of it: i used to be a bowling ball style runner, hitting everyone and didn’t have any finesse moves – you can’t hit people in 7on7 touch, so i was forced to work on a juke move or two. i think that has really helped my career and made me a better runningback in the process.

fun times in the making

2 thoughts on “another fall, another team

  1. Football……there’s nothing else like it on the planet. Only those who play can tell you why they enjoy getting the snot beat out of them. And only those who play can understand WHY getting the snot beat out of them is fun.

    And this comment comes from 2-time defending "Most Injured Mustang" award winner.

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