request for input…

i gotta new toy! and so far i’m still tryin to figure it out… the ati all-in-wonder 9000pro (it’s a video card, korin) and yeah, i’m probably a super geek for gettin excited about it, but my purpose for spending the moneys on such an item is not all that geeky in nature (i don’t think).

i’m puttin together a lil highlight film of sorts – my dad has been to the majority of my games this summer/fall and has taped them. so i’ve got records of all the good (and not so good) things i’ve done on the field. i’ll probably just ignore the not so good things and focus on the good things. 🙂

otay… well, if you’ve been paying attention, there used to be some links right here (to the movie clips)… i’ve decided to go and put em on my site more permanently… so if ya wanna see em: go see em here. i’ve got all the games for the mustang season up (except the first chippewa valley game as my parents couldn’t make it to that game, so i’m still workin on getting the film – a bigger task than i initially thought it’d be)

let me know whatcha thinks… thanks

2 thoughts on “request for input…

  1. that was hilarious…i was seriously thinking "what the hell is that?" and then i continued to read your parenthetical comment…thanks. 🙂

    the video was awesome – my only suggestion is not to put green text on the background of the green grass…it was kinda hard to read, combined with the scripty looking text

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