Insanity – Day 8: Cardio Power

yesterday was nice. i like me some rest days (as long as there aren’t too many), but this morning, the work started right back up. today was the video i wasn’t able to finish on day 3 due to the stupid DVD player – and boy did i miss a tough one.i’m not sure if my aerobic systems are getting better or what, but today the breathing wasn’t as heavy. maybe it was the fact that this video incorporated more anaerobic exercises, which wiped me out and i wasn’t able to move as fast to get the aerobic work in.

regardless, i am noticing that the triangle poses during the warmup stretching routines are getting easier (they call that progress in most countries). i refuse to step on the scale until, well, next week when we do another fit test. that will be the true test answering the question: ‘does insanity work?’ in other news, while i am constantly hungry during the day, i’ve been able to eat in moderation for the most part. i know that was always my biggest problem, i like to eat and when i has food in front of me that tastes good – i’ll eat a lot of it. moderation, hmmm, where have i heard that before 🙂

Insanity – Day 8: complete!

thought of the day
“Adversity is wont to reveal genius, prosperity to hide it.”
– Horace