Insanity – Day 50 – Fit Test 4

i talked myself into coming in today. it wasn’t easy, but i told myself “you always feel better after working out, so just get your butt out of bed and get it done.” so i kicked one leg out of bed and shortly after, i found myself chasing a cricket out of the office at the fitness center! 🙂 while i think the cricket is still around (just quiet right now), i finished my 4th fit test – and the first day back after a broken, sometimes here sometimes not hiatus.

My Results:

Exercise day 1 day 15 day 36 day 50 day 66 +/-
Switch Kicks 50×2: 100 56×2:112 63×2: 126 63×2=126 +26
Power Jacks 42 44 51 55 +13
Power Knees 69 70 81 82 +13
Power Jumps 18 29 36 43 +25
Globe Jumps 6 1/2 10 10 11 +4 1/2
Suicide Jumps (burpees) 11 14 17 15 +4
Push-Up Jacks 23 33 36 33 +10
Low Plank Oblique 18×2: 36 28×2: 56 32×2: 64 32×2=64 +28

i was actually quite surprised. i thought i’d drop off the deep end and my numbers would drop significantly. as it turns out, it was just my cardio endurance that dropped. i tried not to look at my previous numbers – but i knew what my globe jumps were and i set a goal to beat that. after i got my 11th one (at the buzzer), i was pretty wiped out and it showed in the final 3 exercises. with that and the lack of time this morning i did not get the second part of today done (Max Cardio Circuit). i don’t think i could’ve done much with that workout anyway, i was pretty wiped out after the Fit Test

the measurements showed no improvement, but at the same time they showed no backward movement either. at this, i am very happy and again surprised. it’s been a bad couple of weeks not only in terms of working out, but i’ve been eating very poorly as well. now, it’s time to really focus on my eating habits and finish this insanity program out strong!

Insanity – day 50: complete!

inspirational thought of the day:
“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”
– Doug Firebaugh