Insanity – Day 43: I’m Back!

my last insanity workout was June 4th – it’s now June 28th… eek! i should’ve finished the 60 day progrm last week. June was crazy busy with work trips and family stuff. i know, excuses are like @$$holes – but we’re getting back into the routine. took today off of work, so i could get some fitness center stuff done. Due to the crazy month of June, i haven’t been back over here at all since the 4th.

I was torn as to how to handle the return – do i start all over from day 1? do i jump back a week and start the 2nd month all over? well, what i did was start where i left off. i will probably not see the “atypical” results i see on the infomercial this go round due to the break and my poor dietary habits. but we’ll see where we end up. next fit test is next monday, so we’ll see how bad the drop is before going down the final stretch (only 3 weeks left of this go-round). regardless, i struggled through the Max Cardio Conditioning video today. i knew it was going to be tough and i was spot on. it felt like it’s been 24 days since i’ve done much of anything… oh wait, it has been! but damn, it feels good to sweat this much and be this physically spent!

Insanity – Day 43: complete!

inspirational quote of the day:
“Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”
– Jimmy Valvano