Time to Add Content

i know i’ve been pretty bad about actually writing the content for this site, but i’ve added some stuff to the static pages of the site. i hope to get more content delivered, some of the content needs to be updated a bit, and i’ve only got two pages copied over from older versions of the site (About and Football).

i’ve got some additional pages in mind and hopefully will be able to get those created soon. until then, enjoy what i’ve got up there now – at least all three of my main pages have some sort of content and not just a filler video or flickr feed 🙂

Insanity Update: i’m not sure when i’ll be able to get back into insanity – i’m out of town next week too. i’ll get er dun when i can and i’ll let you know. send me a kick in the shorts and get me motivated again, i’d sure appreciate it.