Insanity – Day 44: Max Interval Plyo

the sweat be pourin’. the muscles be achin’. the head be spinnin’. life is good 🙂

yesterday, i had the day off so i was able to get the workout done in the afternoon – today, it’s back to the grind – back to workouts early in the AM. it’s much different when it’s early. it’s a lot more tired when it’s early. but it gets the day started off the right way. Max Interval Plyo – a tough workout, welcoming me back. a regular routine, i’ve found, is very important for me. and i hope to get back into said routine. 18 more days of insanity. and i just looked at the calendar – i did the wrong workout today. i was supposed to do the Max Interval Circuit. Looks like i’ll be doing that tomorrow – something to look forward to!

Insanity – Day 43 Day 44: complete!

inspirational quote of the day:
“There are 86,400 seconds in a day. It’s up to you to decide what to do with them.”
– Jimmy Valvano

thought i’d stick with Jimmy V for the week of quotes 🙂