Insanity – Day 4: Cardio Recovery

last night i went to bed right after joseph went down because my left cheek felt like i’d taken a direct shot to the face with a mike tyson punch. this morning, i woke up and the pressure was still there – a sinus pressure thing, methinks (i dunno, this hasn’t ever happened to me before).

i contemplated just taking the day off, but then i thought to myself WWSTD (what would Shaun T Do)? so i sucked it up and got my @$$ out of bed and over to the fitness center. yesterday, i got a new DVD player – one that doesn’t suck and actually works, so i had to set it up. and popped in the Cardio Recovery DVD. i’m not sure this was a good thing or not. it was definitely less strenuous and less jumping (my calves thank you), but it was deep stretching and flexibility work that, well, let’s just say: I SUCK AT. don’t get me wrong, i love me some yoga, i’m just not good at it (unless you’re talking about the child’s pose, that i rock at!). my legs were shaking and quivering almost the entire time. so little movement, yet i was still drippings with sweat, so sad. all in all, i’m glad i got the workout in, i feel better about myself and:

Insanity – Day 4: complete! 🙂

“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.”
– Brian Tracy, Eat that Frog