Insanity – Day 3: Cardio Power & Resistance

So it was quite difficult to get up this morning… the bed was so comfy and the legs were so sore. but i managed to get out of bed somehow and get over to the fitness center. popped in the Insanity disk for the day and started – a new warm up routine caught me off guard, but i quickly adjusted… then about halfway through the first round of the actual workout, the video started skipping. i stopped it and checked the disk – looked fine. so i put it back in and it would not load, WTH! tried some other DVDs, same thing. turns out this is a common problem with the GPX DVD Player (it was a cheap $20-$25 player the rents picked up for the fitness center). i might have to stop somewheres to get a different cheap-o DVD player, cuz this has happened before. i guess we got the wrong cheap DVD player.

well, by the time i finally gave up on getting the DVD player to work (now), it’s too late for me to get the workout in today, as i gotta get to work. maybe this is God’s way of saying “dude, you’re sore, relax a bit today” – at least, that’s how i’m going to take this.

i’ll get this workout in down the road a couple times, but man, i’m irked that i’m missing a workout.

Insanity – Day 3: over 🙁

thought of the day:
“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”
– Francis Bacon
mmmmmmmm, bacon