Insanity – Day 34: Core Cardio & Balance

recovery week, check! today i knew i was going to have some free time in the afternoon, so i waited until about 12:00 noon to head over to the fitness center. just like before when i worked out in the afternoon, this workout felt much better. i seemed to be able to last longer during the hip flexor burnouts and the shoulder plie burnouts still sucked, but i pushed myself longer and harder today. tomorrow is a day off, then we start in with the “fun” month – actually, it’s just month 2 – or crazy MAX month… basically, it’s time to kick it up a notch, Emeril Lagasse style – BAM!

nutrition and eating, my biggest downfall and the last couple of days have been BAD. from the KFC double down to McDonalds breakfast this morning… bad bad bad. basically, we’ve been running around so much lately that we ran out of food, seriously. our pantry is bare and our fridge is empty. on the bright side, we should be able to focus on what food we should be eating and get some better for us food. the brother-in-law gave me a home-made energy bar recipe that he claims ‘actually tastes good’ that he got from another website. it’s got some goofy (read: expensive) ingredients, but i’ll give it a try and if it’s good, i’ll let you know. i haven’t followed the nutrition guide for insanity and i can tell you THAT is the reason my fit test doesn’t show the results you see on TV. damn you food and damn me for loving you so!

Insanity – Day 34: complete!

inspirational thought of the day:
“Lots of things that couldn’t be done have been done.”
– Charles Auston Bates