Insanity – Day 36: Fit Test 3

i was not prepared for what today’s workout had in store – fit test AND MAX Interval Circuit. i was ready to die in the MAX workouts beginning today, but i was not prepared mentally for the fit test round 3. and because of that, i did not prepare accordingly (allow enough time) to get both workouts in. because i will be able to get to the MAX interval circuit later this week, i just did the fit test. Measurements: improvement in weight (down 4.5lbs), body fat (down .1.4%) and BMI (down .7) – but no girth decreases. which is somewhat understandable especially because of the eating. however, i have a plan for that (laid out underneath the exercise table). so getting to the exercise results:

My Results:

Exercise day 1 day 15 day 36 day 50 day 66 +/-
Switch Kicks 50×2: 100 56×2:112 63×2: 126 +26
Power Jacks 42 44 51 +9
Power Knees 69 70 81 +12
Power Jumps 18 29 36 +18
Globe Jumps 6 1/2 10 10 +3 1/2
Suicide Jumps (burpees) 11 14 17 +6
Push-Up Jacks 23 33 +13
Low Plank Oblique 18×2: 36 28×2: 56 32×2: 64 +28

increases in everything except globe jumps this go round. not only are the numbers higher, but i felt better doing these exercises. my endurance has definitely increased with this program. and now it’s time to focus on the eating aspects of life.

i was talking with the brother-in-law this weekend about my eating habits (basically my see-food diet). and he directed me to something he had tried and noticed results. he had shown me a crazy @$$ site called Gym Jones a while back and it looks intense. in the site, he found shake and bar recipes and said he had lost 7 lbs in a week utilizing these two super foods. making two things a day seems like something i can wrap my brain around. so the plan is: shake after workout, bar for snack, bar for lunch, bar for snack, shake for dinner and shake pre-bed (tonight will be after softball). now this is a drastic decrease in calories for me (about 2100 a day) verses what i calculated i needed at the beginning of insanity (about 3200) verses what i had been consuming previously (a lot). so we’ll see how this week goes, i might need some additional calories somewhere in there so i don’t completely disappear when i turn sideways 🙂 i’ll tell ya tomorrow how it goes.

inspirational thought of the day:
“Isn’t sanity just a one-trick pony anyway? I mean, all you get is that one trick, rational thinking, but when you’re good and crazy, well, the sky’s the limit!”
– The Tick

i was going to post the Einstein insanity quote today, but i like the Tick‘s version much better!