Insanity – Day 10: Plyo Cardio Circuit

we’ve hit double digits in days i’ve been doing insanity and this is the third time i’ve done the Ploy Cardio Circuit. it still kicks my @$$, but i continue to notice small things that are getting better in the routines and exercises. i’ve said nothing but good things about Insanity since i’ve started and today i will mention a few things i do not like (in no particular order):

  • no calf stretches – you do a lot of jumping and running in place, and my calves basically deadlock at times, and there is no point in which you stretch the calves or achilles
  • missed stretch – in this DVD, the pre-workout skips a left hamstring stretch. a minor oversight, but something i don’t care for
  • same warmup for most of the DVDs – at least so far, there was one variation. i’d like to get more variety in not only the warmups but the workouts as well (but it’s only day 10 and there are more DVDs in the package)
  • i hate mountain climbers and mummy kicks – and that’s probably why i should be doing them 🙂

outside of the first one, the others are nit-picky and don’t carry too much weight – moral of the story, i’m pretty much diggin the insanity workouts. this is the first time i’ve consistently done a workout program like this, i’ve started p90x and 10minute trainer (borrowed from the brother-in-law), but those i attempted in my living room and i just couldn’t do it. but now i’m running over to the fitness center and doing the workouts in the back room (we’ve got a DVD player setup back there with some step exercise videos for our members). and 10 days into it i still wake up early to “git er done”. nice!

thought of the day:
“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”
– Carol Burnett