Insanity – Day 1: Fit Test

so i finished the 100 pushup challenge last week for the second time (last year and this year). final tweet included “what do i write about now?” after 100 posts of the challenge – and plenty of flack and feedback from my friends – it’s time for a new challenge. and today i begun the new challenge: Insanity!

From the company that brought you P90x, Beachbody, I will try the Insanity workouts. This morning i kicked it off with the fit test, and well, the one thing i can say is improvement should be fairly easy

My Results:

Switch Kicks: 50×2: 100
Power Jacks: 42
Power Knees: 69
Power Jumps: 18
Globe Jumps: 6 1/2
Suicide Jumps (burpees): 11
Push-Up Jacks: 23
Low Plank Oblique: 18×2: 36

i’ve mentioned before, that i can’t workout in my own living room… and that still holds true, so i’ve decided to utilize the fitness center for my Insanity workouts. the plan is to get up early and ‘Dig Deep’ – head over to the fitness center and get the workout in. I took the measurements and photos this morning (i’ll spare you with those details at this point).  the nutritional changes will be tough to follow, but we’ll do our best. and we’ll track progress as we move forward. Fit test again in two weeks…

Insanity – day 1: complete! 🙂

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