i’m home

and to say there’s a slight temp difference is an understatement… when i lefted orlando yesterday, it was 70 (something) and when i arrived here in minnesota, it was 7, yep that’s quite the drastic change. despite the rather harsh weather conditions, it’s good to be back.

i spoked about the first weekend of the trip already and that’s in the ’nuff said category… this last weekend i played in the national flag tournament. it was fun times. we went in not knowing what to expect, few of us had actually played 8on8 flag football (we took the 7on7 touch football state championship team along with a few additions to help us along). we showed up as teh 26 seed, out of 26 teams. we lost our first game (and it was pretty ugly. but that’s what happens when you’re not familiar with a game) on frid, and we didn’t play again until saturday morning. we ended up winning all four games we played on saturday and we played a lot better and suprised a TON of people and actually got a plethora of respect from teams who claimed we were just a ‘bunch of po-dunk 7man punks from minnesota who don’t know crap about playing football’. sunday we played in the morning and during the game it poured rain hard! (welcome to the sunshine state) but we won a close game putting us in the final 6 teams in the category. (there were a bunch of different flavors of football played – co-ed, 8man, 9man, 4man, etc). we lost our second game on sunday to a team that played a different style of football than we were used to. they had one solid drive early, before we figured out how to stop them on defense. and that was the difference in the game along with a big play. so we were done, two losses in a double elimination tournament will do that. top 6, we’ll say we got 5th.

right now, my back is peeling like an orange – it snows everytime i take off my shirt. i know everyone wanted to know that 😉 but it was a fun trip – maybe a little too long, but it’s over and i’m back home. i got to see the lil lady last night and it was great to see her and spend time with her. for those not in the know, all i can say right now is that she lives in river falls and she’s awesome! other information will be released when appropriate and allowed.