the results

well, i’m at a public library in fort myers and i feel okay, cuz i was able to check my email, whew.

i’m kinda cramped for time, but i thought i would update everyone on how the game went saturday… and you might be able to tell from the lack of enthusiasm in the title and these words that we didn’t win. 22-30. we had our chances and we could’ve won, but they were the gooder team that day. i didn’t have the greatest of games, and we’ll just leave it at that.

the best buy ads continue to have pictures from the photo shoot and i’ve even gotten paid from the experience! so that’s a good thing.

florida is nice and warm and i’m gonna try to get me some more sun (so far i’m still pretty pasty white) but it’s sposed to be mid-70s all week, so i’ll be out in the sun as much as possible, cuz right now is actual vacation time for me.

in other news, things are progressing wonderfully with my girlfriend. some might find this news interesting and fresh and you might even be slightly slighted for not hearin bout it sooner… sorry. but it’s a fairly new development and super fun times.

gotta go, times almost up at the library computer…

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