didja see it?

yeah, me neither. i’m not sure what the deal is, i was tolded that the motorola commercial was gonna be shown during the super bowl. and well, i watched the super bowl and didn’t see it. even more disappointing was the lack of ‘good, quality’ commercials this year – to which i say “boo!” i can recall maybe three that were ‘super bowl worthy’.

so i havn’t posted as of late, due to the vast amounts of time i’ve been spending with the girl. if you have a problem with that, too bad. plus, i’m kinda workin hard at gettin one of those job things – not fun times. so that’s my lil update – hope all is mucho grande witcha’ll’s…. (yeah, that’s right – i sayd ‘much big’, so what?)

1 thought on “didja see it?

  1. I thought it was a Best Buy commercial? I would have been looking for the wrong thing then!

    Good luck on the continuing job hunt.

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