i hate it when i do that

i was thinking earlier about something, and it was going to be one of those deep thoughts posts that everyone was going to be amazed by my thought processes and gramatical nuances.

but of course i have no clue as to what that was going to be about at this point (the time when i actually have a keyboard in front of me with something resembling an internet connection).

on a side note: when a computer just shuts off – for no apparent reason, it just goes dead and won’t go back on. checking all power cables (on both ends) did nothing, as neither did the pushing of the power button. i’m thinking the power supply is fried. i was able to get it running (briefly) a couple days later – but it soonly went back to doing nothing. luckily, this is not my newer computer – it’s actually on my 4 year old computer, maybe it’s even 5 years now…. and also luckily, i don’t really use it that often. unluckily, the situation is just buggin me – cuz it’s not working the way it’s sposed to and i’m only guessing it’s the power supply (i might get a way with calling it a hypothesis).

oooooh, another side note. anybody know where i can get a good RSS Feed search tool? i’m looking for something that might serve usefull for the PF website. and unfortunately, i’ve not found too much (i really havn’t been looking super hard, it’s just a question folks).

that reminds me, the new job at PF is going awesomely. just ask sir hall and sir oates. they were knighted weren’t they? somebody should check on that. i’m pretty sure they were knighted. i’d be willing to bet – even money – that they were knighted…
if that last bit confused you, go listen to the Anchorman Soundtrack and specificly song 13

1 thought on “i hate it when i do that

  1. You are funny, ya know that?

    I don’t do RSS feeds, so I can’t help you there…

    hope your computer feels better soon!

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