well, today was the first day at PF, and what a day it was. i already forgot about 90% of the people’s names who i met today – that might end up being a tad bit awkward tomorrow morning… but i’m really excited about this new job. the day that i had my first interview, you might recall (or maybe not cuz i’m not sure if i posted this), but in the morning as i was on my way to work, i saw a pheasant in the middle of a field. now, it’s a fairly rare occurrance for me to see a pheasant in this neck of the woods – especially in the morning time, when i’ve passed cars without really noticing until later – but i just happened to glance over to the right and lo and behold, there was a rooster, just loitering in the field. i didn’t think much about it until after my day – after work and after i had the first interview at PF, and then it occurred to me that “hey, you saw a pheasant this morning….. whoa…”

and then today my first day of work and after my day, i returned home to grab some gear for tomorrow’s day at work and i head off to katie’s for the evening. i’m driving and half listening to the radio/half paying attention to the road when, about 40 yds in front of my truck two hens (not just one, but TWO mind you) fly across the road and into the field to my left.

now, i’ve driven that stretch of road between prescott and river falls many, many times the last 1 year, 3 months and 3 days…. but this is the first time i’ve ever seen any pheasants – just like i’d driven the stretch of highway between river falls and hudson a couple bunch of times and yet, that day before the interview was the only day i’ve ever seen a pheasant along that bit of asphalt and/or concrete.

i truely believe that God is telling me i made a very right decision.