stupid people

sometimes i think there are a handful of intelligent people in the world that actually make it worthwhile to contribute to the advancement of the human race….

and then i meet someone new.

or maybe i don’t meet them persay, but rather enter their realm of stupidity and choke on the fog that disallows them from seeing the ‘real world’.

examples? sure: today it was raining. it was raining good. but not good enough that it be necessary to drive 15mph and turn at an acceration rate comparable to that of a securely fastened blade of grass. why am i always the lucky one who gets to follow these morons? am i alone in this endeavor?

another? sure: today i went to bww, cuz it’s 30cent wing day and there’s one not too far from where i work. my order comes to $8.95 (i like wings), and i hand her a $20. you think, with today’s technology (the register) one might be able to figure out that a nice easy $10, $1 and a nickel would suffice for change… alas, she hands to me the reciept and change: a $10, $1, a dime and a penny. now, immediately i notice that there is a jingle from the change – that shouldn’t happen with just one coin. and i realize perhaps there wasn’t a nickel in the drawer (it could happen) and i’ve received 5 pennies. but after looking into the palm of my hand and seeing the dime and penny. i simply shake my head and walk away. oh yeah, i kept that extra 6cents and i’m going to use it somehow to stomp out stupidity once and for all… or maybe i’ll just add it to my change jar.