he’s HOME!!

my uncle has been stationed in iraq for over a year – he’s home now. this weekend they were dismissed and were able to be with family and friends. they’ve been in the states for a week, but they had things to do – unpacking their equipment and listen to blah blah about moving back into a ‘normal’ life after war. the news was there when the 477th arrived and one of the stations asked if they could follow us around – sure, we said. so we’re actually on TV quite a bit. the live footage from saturday is online at news6.tv. it’s an hour and 17 minutes long, so don’t try to dl it if you’re on dialup, cuz it’s kinda big. i’m going to dl it and cut out the commercials and all the extra fluff in it and put it out on my website, hopefully, that’ll help with the file size…

the important thing is DEAN’S HOME!!!

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