anyone else?

have you ever bitten your finger whilst eating? i mean like bite it hard and cause pain unto the precious digit? or am i the only one who’s ever done that?

3 thoughts on “anyone else?

  1. no, i have not bitten in my finger but i once had an uncle who liked his liquer a lot. he lived on the farm and one time, after drinking for a few days he decided to make himself some soup. so he decided that it’s time for the old rooster to be in that soup. he took the rooster and started sawing his head off. he kept doing this for a while and saw the blood gushing but the rooster was still alive and kicking. then he realized he’d been sawing his own finger off. i think he sobered up for a while after that incident.

  2. Oh, shut up, Kori! Just because my motor skill weren’t developed doesn’t mean you need to tell everyone I confused my fingers with french fries on a regular basis! 🙂

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