for those looking for it

i’ve informed most of my family of a small cutup of the 1 hour 17 minute special that the duluth news station played last saturday when my uncle and his unit returned home and were dismissed after over a year of service under Operation Iraqi Freedom. as of right now, i only have the parts where my family was followed by the cameras – the news people asked if they could follow us throught the ordeal, cuz we’re so fun! and anyone who’s hung out with my family can verify this. NEway, to see the movie go here: www.tdotcom.net/tmp/477Home.wmv.


4 thoughts on “for those looking for it

  1. Congratulations T, with that short clip it’s easy to see how you turned out the way you did!!!

  2. yeah, coach, this apple didn’t fall far from the tree. the more fun part of the day was later that night after my family was able to ‘truely celebrate’. however, i don’t think i’ll be posting that footage on the website.

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