dishonest?? the media?

came across this quality XKCD comic today:

wrong focus
wrong focus

while the focus has been on these AIG bonuses – the real problem is the fact that we’ve given them money at all… hey, government stay the FSCK out of the private affairs of businesses! if the government didn’t give AIG and those other institutions the stupid bailout money, we wouldn’t have to <airquotes>waste congress’s time</airquotes> with these unconstitutional-rush-bills that are taking away more and more of our liberties and freedoms…

why don’t people (and i’m referring to anyone in any position in government and the pBO apologists) realize that they are making it difficult for people to be forced to live with the consequences of their actions. face it, not everything you do will turn to gold. not every decision you make will be correct. and when you make bad decisions, bad financial purchases, when you bought a house you couldn’t afford… too F’n BAD. you figure out a way to handle your debts – maybe you’ll have to sell your 52″ plasma TV and your Wii… i don’t feel bad for you. as much as i would like a bigscreen TV and a Wii and a new bigger house, i can’t afford it and so i will have to wait for those luxuries. you should’ve done the same