hello, my name is T and i am a geek.

Everyone: Hi, T

i can has a blackberry. it’s my calendar, a gaming device (Texas Holdem anyone?), i tweet on it, i check multiple email addresses… oh, and i can make phone calls with it too.

my gravatar is from a hilarious web video any true designer geek will love. I’ve got accounts on facebook, myspace, linkedin, twitter, stumbleupon, AIM, yahoo!, msn, gtalk, ICQ, skype and more email addresses than any sane person can check on a daily basis.

it’s becoming more and more difficult to put time into any of these – as all these things can be a total time-sucking waste of time. but they’re also a lot of fun – i’m able to keep in touch with friends i’ve not spoken to in a coon’s age.

i’ve experimented with a myriad of different multi-client IM applications; trillian, pidgin and my current favorite is digsby – as it not only combines my most commonly used IMs (aim, msn, gtalk) into one app, it also brings in the aforementioned social network accounts and a few of the email accounts. it’s a pretty crazy-awesome app and i’ve found it VERY useful. having everything in one app – and a FREE app at that! how totally boss is that?

well, i started talking about my blackberry… and it’s about time i bring that back into the fold. this is where blackping comes into play. i like to update the status of the plethora of social networks – but i don’t want to have to do it multiple times – it gets annoying after updating 4 different networks every time i deem it worthy of my time to update the stati (statuses). and i oft liken to update from the blackberry when i’m on the go. sometimes just to show people what twitter is, or something like that – ya know, to keep my geekdom alive and well. so i was googling to see if there was an app out there that could handle all of these social networks and i could update the status for all or, better yet, selective networks all at once. i came across ping.fm – pretty slick. i’m able to send my status to any or all of my social networks at the same time… NOW, let’s take this to the next level. how to get ping.fm functionality on the bb. well, i stumbled across this bb app – blackping. it’s developed by a small operation (if not just one guy), it’s still pretty new and i just downloaded and installed it today. but the test run worked – and i am over due for an update on the site. it’s still fairly rough around the edges, it’s not flashy – it doesn’t have cute graphics, but it does appear to sync with ping.fm using an app key and solves my ‘how do i update all statuses from the bb?’ question quite well.

if you have a blackberry and you are a geek with multiple social networks and selective twitter status on facebook just isn’t enough… check out blackping – let me and the developer know what you think.