challenge complete!

this morning, the 100 pushup challenge was completed! i’m pretty dang pleased too. i’ve gotten quite a bit of response from the facebook crowd as i’ve been posting the “100 pushup challenge – day ##: complete” message in my status the last couple few days.

“what’s the 100 pushup challenge all about?” or “what’s the 100 pushup thing?”… once i explain it to them, they exclaim that they’re going to try it too. well, so far i haven’t heard from anyone who’s claimed to go for it – how they’re doing on it. it’s tough to stick with it, specially some days…

and since i’ve come this far, my next challenge is to keep going… i don’t think i’m going to keep adding one, but i am going to start the 10,000 pushup challenge, 10kpc, 100 for 100… now that ive gotten the 100 pushups done, i’ll try to do 100 pushups for 100 days – for a total of 10,000 pushups.

Edit 4/25/09:
I’ve renamed the challenge a couple times, i think we’ll stick with 100 for 100… it’s day 15, so far so good! the 100 is getting easier, too!