Texas Pushups

when i was in college, i’d remember phone numbers by using the football jersey numbers of teammates… for example, if someone told me their number was 425-3489, i’d remember it as 425-Garry-Hughell (Ryan Garry was #34 and Rusty Hughell was #48). a funny lil bit-o-history you might or might not care about…

yesterday, in my 100 pushup challenge, i did 77 pushups, Heath “Texas” TerWee was #77 in college. some nights, the pushup challenge goes smoothly and i’m able to finish in one straight-through go. other nights, i collapse in a pile at around 50 or so… thems is tired days. tonight, i do 78 – and it might be a tough night.

i’ve also been walking during the day at work – walking to “Turkey Hill” (a term coined when a co-worker saw a turkey on the hill a couple years ago). the first couple times i’ve taken the walk, it’s taken me 28 minutes in total at a brisk pace. i’m planning on keeping at it and cutting time down eventually to 25 minutes at which time i will figure out a way to carry some weight during the walk. i’m thinking of getting a weight vest but those are quite pricey for a decent one. if you know of a quality weight vest at a solid price, let me know. i’ve let myself go physically to a point where i’m not pleased with myself – it’s time to change all that.

i also need to find time in the schedule to get back into the P90X workouts on a regular basis. those are brutal workouts and i like it!