CFFB WoD 5.2.11

Today’s Workout

The Volkswagen
21, 15, 9 reps of:
Bench Press @ body weight
Pull Ups

My Results

bench @ 255lbs (which is closer to bdwt than i’d like): 17:42

running late this morning (extra long deuce, forgot keys, etc.), so i didn’t do the strength portion of the WoD today. i was curious to see how i’d do with “The Volkswagen”. wow, my bench is weak right now. pull ups were better, not unbroken, but i am seeing improvement.

i think i need to get a better workout routine in place, whether we make another attempt at Insanity or P90X at the ‘home gym’ or something else, i’m not sure… anyone got some suggestions? It’s already May and my Warrior Dash isn’t too far off only two months, gotta get some conditioning work in, else that’s gonna be a VERY long 3.02 miles…