CFFB WoD 5.3.11

Today’s Workout

Squat + Rack Jerk 2+1, 2+1, 2+1, 2+1, 2+1
GHD Back Extensions + 25 lbs plate 3×12
Hollow Rocks 3×20

Find 2 RM Box Jump
8 x 40 yard Sprints

*full recovery between efforts.

My Results

Squat + Jerk: 225lbs, 245lbs, 265lbs, 275lbs, 285lbs
GHD – did one set of 12, then got distracted

2RM Box Jump: ~41″
40yd sprints: 5.3s, 5.1s, 5.1s, 5.2s (then ran out of time)

not pleased with the times on the 40s… i was self timing, so i’m not sure what impact that has on time… but seriously? 5s? eek. and i ran out of time, so i only got through 4 crappy 40s instead of the RX’d 8. i did have fun with the Squat+Jerk lifting though (2 squats then 1 jerk). and i did superset with the squat+jerk and some DB flies/extensions, just felt like i needed more. forgot what the hollow rocks were, so i didn’t even attempt them 🙂