CFFB WoD 3.24.11

Today’s Workout

4 x 100 yard Sprints
Max Pull Ups in 5 minutes
4 x 100 yard Sprints

*1:3 work:rest

My Results

16.6s, 15.5s, 16.1s, 16.0s
21 pull ups (5 minutes)
15.1s, 15.9s, 16.0s, 15.1s

flying solo today, which was okay with this workout. man, am i out of running shape, which is probably not a good thing considering the 3.04 mi trek at Warrior Dash in Afton this summer. looks like i’ve got some work ahead of me.

running a little sluggish this morning, didn’t have time to get a lifting workout in (and i’m still feeling the squat lifting from monday). i really think i need to get a better, more frequent workout regimen in place. i’m really not diggin this twice a week thing.