CFFB WoD 3.10.11

Today’s Workout

Complete 5 rounds of:
Max Rep Bench Press – 185 lbs
Max Rep Strict Chin Ups
Sprint 1/2 Gasser

No SWoD – played some 7on7 with the HS kids instead of squatting

My Results

24/5, 12/4, 10/3, 9/3, 9/3

Bench: 64 reps
Chin Ups: 15 reps
did not time 1/2 Gasser.

i was VERY disappointed in my drop off from round 1 to round 2… i could’ve possibly pushed through on a couple reps, but i didn’t have a spotter and that held me back a little bit. fairly happy with consistency in the chin ups, and i was keeping very strict with those. was supposed to squat 3×5 today, but instead, i jumped in with the HS kids to give some of the tired folks a break and ran around. got a decent sweat going, but because i was just a fill in, not as much as i would’ve liked… maybe they’ll be short players next week 🙂